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I started building water fountains because I was in a bad place emotionally. It was mid-pandemic, I was in my newly post-fire rebuilt house alone as a single mom, and I was struggling to manage some extreme anxiety.

When I went from building water fountains just for myself to others, I really wanted to be able to gift others with anxiety not just with something pretty, but the ability to create a little pocket of zen in their life to refocus, collect themselves, and lower their heart rate.

The Annadel Loop Fountain is everything I imagined it would be. I set out to design something that would bring comfort to those struggling and embody Wildfire Fountains' core mission: to produce handmade art that inspires strength and resilience. I feel like I have accomplished that.

This fountain's designs feature natural and neutral-toned elements that channel nature in a calming way while depicting a poignant wood-burned design.

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The beautiful speckled stoneware basin is handmade by Stephanie Gwilliam (Hayes) of Hayes Ceramics, a local potter out of Windsor, CA.

The design features a top "lid" piece that sits overtop the fountain pump and allows for the option of either a drilled rock or a mixture of granite pebbles and amber fire glass.

The waterproofed wood piece sits in the basin and depicts an option of three wood-burned designs:

  • Tree of life
  • Circular phoenix
  • Phoenix with customizable wording


The Annadel Loop water fountain is made to order. To purchase, please visit the listing on the Etsy Store.

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